Leeds Horror Film Festival 2020


Hi all!!

It’s been a tricky old week for most people.
We’ve been holding on to see if the 3rd of May would be a time clear of the virus restrictions.
It looks like we would be hedging our bets at best.

It costs £2250 to run the film festival day and that is backed by me upfront with generous time and efforts given by Steve Moore and Gary Benn.
If we carry on, and the government directive is held as it is, not only would the charity get nothing but I’d lose and end up with boxes of obsolete posters and T-shirt’s along with bills for film rights etc.

We are therefore making the decision to cancel the festival (which hurts) and to postpone until possibly (all things apocalyptic allowing) Sunday May 2nd 2021.

All tickets will remain valid for this date and we’d ask that if you can possibly keep this as a date, rather than refunding, it would help keep the festival running and viable for next year. The tickets sold help pay for the projectionist, staff, venue hire, film rights, web-site, printing etc..
The organisers: Myself, Pete Trigg and Joanne Mitchell take nothing at all and are proud to work for Leeds Horror Film Festival in order to raise funds for WAP https://www.worldanimalprotection.org.uk/

We’re also sorry to all the film makers who’s films were part of our fantastic short film section. Also to Arrow who were kind enough to give us an excellent preview film “I See You”.

Many sincere thanks to the whole Leeds Horror Film Festival extended family for your continued support.

Lots of love


Cottage Road Cinema.

Cottage Road